May 20, 2010

Big changes

Posted in Miscellaneous at 12:30 pm by Eamon Aghdasi

There’s been quite a lot going on for me recently that has pulled my attention away from this blog. First and foremost, last month I got married and my wife and I were completely absorbed by the enormous requirements of planning a wedding. Afterwards, we took about nine days for our honeymoon (Costa Rica, which was loads of fun), but then came back to the post-wedding reality of gifts, thank-you cards, unpacking, and other miscellaneous starting-life-together duties. It’s been fun, but it’s sucked me away from the blog as well as other things.
The other big change is my job. I’m in my last few weeks at my current auto insurance role and will be joining an emerging markets strategy team in mid-June. Since a lot of what I’ll be doing is based on macro trends and global markets, this might mean that the subject matter for the blog will have to be dramatically narrowed. I’ll figure this out some time in the next few weeks.
For now, there are a handful of topics I’ve been daydreaming about writing about:
– Labor mobility
– Auto insurance and signaling
– Last weekend’s MPA/ID 10th year anniversary (some interesting presentations, hoping to write down some of my reflections)
If this blog is going to be axed or neutered in a month, I’ll have to try and get everything in. Stay tuned.